We support companies to build their UX design and digital products.
We provide UX Design services for product companies, IT firms and startups.

We help to define, plan and execute UX design goals and services in IT companies, startups and product companies. A good strategy is the difference between making sustainable, far reaching design decisions that lead to innovation and short term unsuccessful attempts at being user centric.

1. Product Conceptualization

We help our clients envision product experience and replicate the same in the UX designs for banking, BFSI, insurance, ecommerce, healthcare, edutech, payment banks, automotive, home automation, AR & VR apps, VoD platforms etc.

2. Innovation Management

We at Fortune Cookie regard design as the shortest way to innovation. We help organizations institute and manage innovation across the board using our Innovation Framework

3. Institutionalization of UX

As UX experts we help organizations to build effective UX practices. We handhold organizations while building internal UX teams on a Build-Operate-Transfer model. We ensure that over a period of time the team becomes robust and mature with the ability to manage UX internally

We support organizations in executing design strategies and solutions. We provide a range of UX design services for every step from concept to delivery.


Information Architecture

Interaction Design

Visual Design

User Testing

UX Design Focused Services

Fortune cookie is one of the first UX Design companies in India. Since its inception in 2008 the company has been working on core UX projects and building a strong UX team capable of delivering designs to a global audience. The team comprises of a mix of UX strategists, UX managers, Interaction designers and UI designers – in short all the participants required to ensure a robust and stable practice strongly oriented towards users.

We at Fortune Cookie understand the perceptions and attitudes that surround Design Houses and have worked hard at building a practice that is strongly oriented towards delivery.

Experience across different domains & sectors

Fortune Cookie has worked on projects that vary from collaboration suites for enterprise mobility to UX Design services in Banking, Insurance, NBFCs, BFSI, ecommerce, automotive, home automation. The experience of working with varied MNCs and startups has given the company a dynamic portfolio and ability to grasp the context of any product.

The copyright 6D IMAGIN UX Process that the company follows allows the team to quickly research and contextualise different product requirements.

Full Services UX Design Company

As one of the first organizations in India to position itself as an UX Design company, Fortune Cookie has built a mature UX practice and are experienced in projects that include User Research, Usability Testing, Product conceptualization, Design Consulting and UX design implementation. We have delivered our UX design services to IT firms, product companies, startups and MNCs, helping them design new products by leading research, conceptualization and design implementation.

Expertise in Mobility

Fortune Cookie has been working on mobile experiences since the time the first Android smartphone was released in the market in 2008. Since then the company has worked on various enterprise products giving organisations the power of mobility along with consumer facing products through UX Design in banking, insurance, healthcare apps and much more in India, Middle East, USA etc.

We have a strong team experienced in designing cross platform applications with a strong focus on users and unique user interaction patterns associated with mobile usage.

Good design always starts with the user. Whether you are thinking of launching anew product or want user feedback on a product that is already in the market we are your go-to guys.

Fortune Cookie is an UX Design company in Middle East, India, USA and Europe which gets insights from users and converts them into actionable solutions.

User Research


User Testing

Research to Innovation

As more and more users come online and access services digitally it becomes imperative for companies to invest in user focused research to achieve customer experience, revenue and user retention. Innovative organizations are the ones that pay constant attention to their users. Every day. Deeply.

At Fortune Cookie we believe that innovation is a process and that user research leads to a deep understanding of users – their needs, motivations, behaviours and pain points. User Research allows an organization to Add. We make it possible by delivering UX Design services in Middle East, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, India, USA, Europe etc.

Why do user research ?

Empathize with users

User research allows you to understand the pain points of real users in real situations. Till you do not keenly observe your users and understand their needs you will never be able to innovate to find solutions that solve the problems which affect a large set of your users on a daily basis. The end result of user research isn't just a set of new products, but an internal understanding of what that user is like:

The challenges she faces each day, the things that excite and concern her, and her motivations and values. If you don't come out of a research effort feeling like a different person, you're doing it wrong.

Intuition is not enough for innovation

Innovation of the yester years was often viewed as a solitary effort of a lone innovator based on his personal instinct and intuition. Today innovation especially in the digital world is about inclusion rather than exclusion. The companies that get innovation right, again and again, are the ones that feel what their customers feel. That is true user-centred innovation, and it's available to anyone who makes empathy a top priority. 

Valuable innovation stems from knowing your user well

Understanding users more completely permits design creativity to be focused where it will have the greatest impact, leading to more innovation, not less. Users will often say something that is immediately contradicted by their actions, and any good user researcher knows to pay greater attention to what the user does than what they say. It’s also the researcher’s responsibility to try to understand the disparity. Very often innovation stems from these seemingly innocuous findings. 

UX Case Studies


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